RP Console

Current Tools:

Application Helper - Form to Template tool for new characters


RP Console was created to address needs in the role playing (written) community. Anything created on here is meant to help role players make their hobby more enjoyable. Keep in mind that this website and its applications are only a hobby and there are no expectations surrounding it.

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Have a question, suggestion, or comment? Join the Discord channel community. @ldyg33k for assisstance or to setup your forum's version of the application helper

Feeling Generous?

Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees (yet). It takes a bit of pocket change each month to keep this website and its features going ad-free. I don't expect anyone to pay a dollar for its use and I never will, but I wouldn't decline a dollar here or there! Otherwise, a simple 'thank you' in Discord is gratitude enough and keeps me encouraged to continue developing. Enjoy!